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WRAPiT Express is now offering ECO friendly blanketwrap services!

Create less waste in the first place!

STI clients are actively focused to "Stop Packaging" and STI has the expertise to handle products that have minimal or no packaging. By utilizing a "Stop Packaging" mindset, our customers save packaging costs, engineering costs, and protect the environment by reducing waste.

STI’s experience in providing safe and damage-free handling of products reduces requirements for packaging throughout the transportation event. Each truck is equipped with an environmentally friendly toolbox including blankets, beams, straps and decking. Our highly experienced drivers are trained on proper handling techniques to enable the minimal packaging of products and a damage free experience.

WRAPiT Express is teaming up with STI Transportation

WraptIt Express is teaming up with Specialized Transportation, Inc (STI). As an authorized STI agent, WRAPiT Express represents all of STI's extensive transportation services.

For many products that need to be shipped from one place to another, standard transportation and logistics will do. But there are select, high-value products -- medical equipment, precious artifacts, robotics, exhibits and displays -- for which only the safest, most timely transportation will do. For those products there is STI. The care, the service, the attention to detail, and the quality assurances every step of the way cannot be matched by other carriers. When you have a special product in need of shipping, you need a special team at your disposal. You need STI.

STI has been offering blanketwrap transportation services for over 30 years and operates an extensive trucking network to handle the carriage your valuable products. To find out more about STI you can visit their website at www.stidelivers.com

Home Delivery Success for STI Canada

STI Canada was awarded a three year contract with MABE Canada to provide home delivery services for their customer Home Depot in the province of Ontario. The estimated revenues are $3M to $4M per annum.

MABE Canada is a division of MABE, a Mexican company with estimated annual revenue of USD $3.6 billion, and a worldwide leader in the home appliance industry. MABE Canada is the manufacturer, distributor and marketer of GE Appliance brands throughout Canada, which include GE, GE Profile, GE Cafe and GE Monogram.

Timing Was Perfect: A Sealy Success Story

As the world's largest bedding manufacturer, Sealy Corporation, strives to help the world sleep better; they also want the world to live better. However, when it came to satisfying their customers with a home delivery they were not meeting expectations.

The old adage goes "timing is everything." For Joe Campbell of ICAT, scheduling a sales call at the right time worked to his and STI's advantage. He found a customer, Sealy, which had a need and provided a solution.

HomeDirectUSA was providing Sealy their residential deliveries but not satisfying their customers. Sealy Traffic Department ran its own fleet but was not involved in residential deliveries, as each business group was allowed to choose its own carriers.

Joe Campbell said, "I believe our timing was perfect. The Sealy Traffic Department had decided to get involved in the home delivery efforts. In the very first meeting, which was to be a "get to know each other" Sealy invited 6 people to attend." It was during the meeting that Joe realized Sealy was not satisfied with the service they were receiving from their existing supplier.

"Their approach of bringing in a team for a first call made me realize this meeting was going to be much more solutions oriented. I had prepared a presentation for a high level overview but the meeting developed into a very detailed strategic meeting."

Joe learned a large portion of the pain points that Sealy derived from their current process including loss of many of their products and claims were very high. They also felt they were being taken advantage of with accessorial charges. Sealy was receiving little or no customer service, had limited tracking and tracing capabilities, and no reporting capabilities. Sealy's problem was they did not have a handle on how to measure Home Directs' success and/or failures.

While at the meeting, Joe shared the ability of STI reporting and benchmarking capabilities along with STI's low claims frequency. He also talked about the HomeExpress technology and suggested a demo be given at a later date.

As a result of a successful meeting and follow up, Joe was informed that Sealy would be going to bid and STI would be one of the carriers to receive it.

After completing the bid, Sealy asked to visit the STI and ICAT facilities. The group visited ICAT to see how customer service would be handled. The trip to Fort Wayne allowed them to see the STI operations and technology. The Sealy team was very impressed with the HomeExpress technology and the qualifications it had.

Shortly after the trip, STI was awarded the business and the transition began. Sealy commented that they were very impressed with the STI formalized transition plan. Camille Hilton-Holle held conference calls with Sealy and the required STI team weekly. As a result, the transition plan shortened the learning curve for both STI and Sealy, as everyone was held responsible.

The exciting news is that since winning the Sealy business they have recommended STI to two other companies and they have given us additional opportunities for business.

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