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Crating & Packing

We specialize in the packaging and crating of fragile items, fine art paintings and sculptures, antiques, large and awkward shaped items. Our packing and crating services ensures that every item that we pack and crate arrives in the same condition as it was before we packed and crated your items.

Our experienced team can provide packing and crating services either at our warehouse or on site for your convenience.

Below is a description of the main types of packing that we may suggest for your shipment:

Custom Crates Custom Crates

Used mainly for fragile, heavy or high value goods. This is the most secure form of packaging. We manufacture a custom wood pallet base, foam interior, 1x4 or 2x4 wood frame, 3/8" wood exterior and label it appropriately.

Custom Crates Trade Show Crates

Used mainly for crates that will be reused many times. We can add wheels, hinges, shelves or cleats. Can be made to break down flat for easy storage. Reusable crates are made with heavy-duty wood for long-term durability. These are always custom made to your specifications.

Custom Crates Cardboard Wood Crates

Used mainly for semi-fragile items and high value goods. This is a less expensive alternative to the full wooden crate. We manufacture a customs wood pallet base, foam interior, 1x4 or 2x4 wood frame, double wall cardboard exterior and label it appropriately.

Custom Crates Palletizing

Mainly used for pre-boxed, non-fragile items, this is the minimum amount of packaging for any shipment. We supply the pallet, load it, wrap it in black stretch wrap, band it using polyethylene strapping material and label it "Top Load Only". A pallet is usually 48"long and 42" wide. We can manufacture a custom pallet size when necessary. Maximum height 84" per pallet.

Custom Crates Pallet Box

Used mainly for large non-fragile to semi-fragile items. We manufacture a custom wood pallet base, foam interior, double wall cardboard exterior, with lid, then we band it using polyethylene strapping material and label it appropriately.

Wrapit Express also provides full-service domestic and international shipping services. So we can handle every phase, from pick-up, packing and crating, to delivery.

Pricing: Depending on size. If you have any questions call toll free at 1-800-803-9901

Packing Guidelines for Customer Packed Goods:
  • Your freight should be on a pallet, skid, or other forkliftable base.
  • 70-gauge stretch-wrapping should be used with a minimum of two bands that are secured through the pallet voids and around cartons.
  • The shipper is responsible for ensuring that the cargo is packed appropriately for carriage so as to ensure that it can be carried safely with ordinary care in handling and so as not to injure or damage any persons, goods or property.
  • Each package must be legibly marked with the name and full address, including ZIP/postal code, of the shipper and consignee.
  • Briefcases, luggage, garment bags, aluminum cases, plastic cases, computer cartons or similar types of items whose outer finish might be damaged by adhesive labels, soiling, marking or other types of surface damage that is normal with ordinary care in handling should be placed in a protective container for shipment.

Packing Tips:
  • Used new boxes with foam pellets, bubble wrap, rolled-foam or other interior padding.
  • Distribute weight evenly on the pallet.
  • Stack boxes squarely on pallet, corner-to-corner, to maximize compression strength.
  • Make sure the top of the pallet is flat to minimize chances of lost or damaged cartons.
  • Stack cartons to the edge of the pallet, but don't overhang.
  • Place angled cardboard between cartons to prevent crushing.

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